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Any additions you make should be viewed as an investment when it comes to your home. One way of providing your family with a comfortable, safe environment is a residential air conditioner or heater. Your sanctuary is your home and should be treated as such. This is the one place to be yourself that you should always be free. Without the limitations of heat and cold. In Bakersfield, CA and nearby areas in Kern County, New Era HVAC offers residential air conditioning services.

We have no expectation that you will just take our word for it. We would like you to take a look at our review page for that reason. What better way to assess a service, after all, than to see what our clients observed.

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We offer home solutions that ensure that your heating or cooling equipment operates effectively. Our technicians are trained, skilled and accredited to complete their jobs. All our employees are screened, examined and tested for drugs prior to work. This means that when we work in your home, you will always be safe. Our team members depict to the public who we are. We’re not going to hire anyone to follow the same work ethics as we. Once you have made a reservation with us, we ensure that our customers wait for your appointment is quick and that we do not waste your time.

We offer a thorough assessment of your home and needs, designing a system focusing on what we saw and the needs and expectations you have. One can question how competitive our pricing is in the market, but one can’t question that it will make someone a happy camper. We are always at your disposal to file your calls and to stop your concerns if you require any additional information or clarification. Once the thumbs are up, we move fast and efficiently complete your installation. However, facilities are not all we do and your heating or refrigeration system will require a variety of services over its entire lifetime. In all fields, we are competent. Call New Era HAVAC for residential services to your indoor environmental problems in CA and nearby areas in Kern County. 

The best, the plus, the cherry on the pie; we have it all

The service company that covers all areas of service needed on your equipment is the one that you should stay with. And more so, if the service is of the highest standard and works to build a friendship with you for your home convenience. We at New Era HVAC , we deliver all the essential services needed on a daily basis, but that’s not all. Our 24/7 hotline is available to all our clients, day or night, every day of the year. We realize first hand that there is no timeline for emergencies.

Maintenance arrangements make it easy for you, alleviate tension and encourage you to appreciate the assured service of your equipment while you need it most. Heating and  Air Conditioning is not an inexpensive affair, and often the prices can be too high to handle. We deliver financial strategies that are simple, scalable, and allow you the freedom to live.

Let New Era HVAC make your home that much more luxurious this year?Give  us a phone call at (661) 302-6666. Anything else, if your phone call is too time-intensive, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page for additional channels of communication.

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